Rapid Waters

Close up photograph of water rushing rapidly over and around rocks in a river, chasing gravity as fast as it can. See more in my galleries at Pixels and ArtFlakes. I hope that you’ll find something for a wall in your home. Thanks for visiting!

Rushing Water At Richland Creek

Enjoy the beauty of nature in this photograph featuring rushing water with moss-covered rocks. This is Richland Creek, located on the Cumberland Plateau in Dayton, Tennessee, which flows along the Laurel-Snow Trail. Prints available.

Rushing Water

Peering out over the edge of a wooden barrel on the verge of plummeting 15 feet down a waterfall, I questioned the wisdom of my decision to accept a challenge from friends…lol. Actually, this photograph was taken at the Barton Dam in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I added it to my gallery at Fine Art America today, so drop in for a visit sometime…