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Nemo Bridge Trail At Obed

History Photograph (above, modified) & information (below) from placard located on site. After the Civil War, saw and grist mills emerged in Tennessee’s Morgan and Cumberland counties. Corn meal, flour, logs, and other goods from the early lumber and pulp industries were shipped along this… Read More

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Killdeer Arch

Part Six – Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area Part Five – Circle Bar Arch Part Four – Photographs Along The Trail Part Three – A Rock Face With No Name Part Two – Turkey Roost Rockhouse Part One – Close Encounter With Bears Back on the trail, I hiked up… Read More

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Circle Bar Arch

Part Five – Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area Part Four – Photographs Along The Trail Part Three – A Rock Face With No Name Part Two – Turkey Roost Rockhouse Part One – Close Encounter With Bears Moving right along, it wasn’t long before I spotted… Read More

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Turkey Roost Rockhouse

I recently hiked the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area, located in Tennessee near Jamestown. It’s off the beaten trail, and known for it’s… Awesome Geological Structures It also has black bears living in the canyon – see earlier post. Most of all, however, the… Read More

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Cave In A Cliff

Beyond these rocks is a cave leading into a chamber within a sandstone cliff, located in Tennessee at Big South Fork State Park. Visitors can enjoy a picture – framed, canvas, art, metal, wood or acrylic – from my gallery at Pixels. Thanks for stopping… Read More

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Tree On Rocks

I recently visited the Frozen Head State Park And Natural Area in Tennessee, where I photographed this scenic outcropping along the South Old Mac Trail. Now, prints are available in my gallery at Pixels – framed, art, canvas, wood, acrylic and metal. Check it out…