Cascades At Savage Falls

These scenic cascades are situated upstream of Savage Falls, a 30-foot tall waterfall located at the South Cumberland State Park of Tennessee. If you’re interested in a print for your home, office, business lobby or cafeteria setting, many prints are available.

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Savage Falls

This beautiful waterfall is known as Savage Falls. Located in the South Cumberland State Park of Tennessee, it stands 30-feet tall, has a broad plunge pool, and can be enjoyed along a 3.6 mile out and back trail. Not in the area? That’s okay – you can enjoy this scene of nature on a print, available through my shop at Pixels. Many print types and sizes to select. Thank you for stopping by!

Assorted Black And White Photographs

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Savage Falls -·•·- Clinch River -·•·- Smoky Mountains Sunrise

Black And White Cascades

Available in my galleries at Fine Art America and ArtPal, a variety of fine prints await your purchase as a decorative accent for your home or office. These black and white cascades were photographed in the South Cumberland State Park, upstream of Savage Falls.

Cascades At Savage Falls

These beautiful cascades would make a wonderful accent to a wall in your home. Located upstream of Savage Falls in the South Cumberland State Park, terraced rock surfaces redirect water downstream in a dozen different directions. Visit my galleries at Fine Art America & ArtPal.

Savage Falls

Located in the South Cumberland State Park of Tennessee, near Palmer, Savage Creek flows over cascades and down the picturesque 30-foot Savage Falls.

Welcome To The Savage Gulf State Natural Area

With nearly 16,000-acres on the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau, park visitors can discover over 50 miles of wilderness trails. The hike to Savage Falls, however, is only 3.6 miles out and back along well kept trails of mostly hard packed soil. There are some rocks, and a substantial amount of roots – hikers should expect sore feet the next day! Also, there are two suspension bridges over waterways, each with a two-person limit. Follow the white blaze markers.

There is a Ranger Station with clean restrooms, running water, recycling and trash bins. Several benches are also located near an information bulletin board, and a secured voluntary donations box is available for contributions. Lastly, there is a sign-in clipboard for hikers to log in/out times.

The trail follows the flow of Savage Creek, so hikers will first encounter a broad set of cascades above the falls. Next, a view from the top of the falls can be enjoyed while standing on a large, flat rock. Lastly, a wooden stairway leads to a plunge pool at the base of Savage Falls, where many rocks can serve as seating for hikers to enjoy the view and a rest. There is also a second waterfall tucked away behind several large boulders, only slightly downstream. In order to get a good view, you’ll need to climb down a short hillside and traverse across several slippery rocks – if you can manage to do so carefully, the view is worth it!

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