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Admiral Farragut Park

Admiral Farragut Park

This photograph was taken at the Admiral Farragut Park, located in Knoxville along the banks of the Tennessee River. I’ve added it to my gallery at Fine Art America – select from a variety of print types! Stop by for a visit when you’re in the neighborhood… Here are some more photographs – select to […]

Shores of Lake Superior

Shores of Lake Superior

It’s often said that a person can never go home again. That is, everything changes with time. Even memories fade. In fact, some recollections can become embellished to such a degree that they seem more wonderful than reality might otherwise have one believe. In such instances, a visit to a place from the past can […]

Waves of Time

Waves of Time

Enjoy this ocean scenery of waves crashing into a rocky shoreline. Based on a photograph with added effects for a vintage quality. Please visit my gallery at Fine Art America for more…

Vibrant Geometric Sunset

Seascape Scene at Sunset

Enjoy this vibrant seascape scene at sunset with a heavy geometric abstraction. I’ve uploaded this design to my galleries at both Society 6 and Redbubble. Guests are encouraged to stop by for a visit to discover an interesting assortment of items available print on demand. See you at the beach!

California Lifeguard Station

California Lifeguard Station

This vintage summer photograph of a lifeguard station and truck was taken at Hermosa Beach, California, on the Pacific Ocean. If you’d like a poster, then please visit my gallery at Zazzle. Different sizes available.

Lake Superior Shoreline

Lake Superior Shoreline

This photograph of a Lake Superior shoreline was taken in Michigan’s upper peninsula, between Marquette and Big Bay. The island in the background is Little Presque Isle. While traveling to this beach may represent a major undertaking, you can more easily visit my gallery at Fine Art America – there, a variety of prints are […]

Lake Superior Shoreline

Lake Superior Shoreline

Photographed in Michigan’s upper peninsula, north of Marquette at Little Presque Isle, this lovely Lake Superior shoreline scenery would make a wonderful addition to a wall in your home! Available in my gallery at Fine Art America, select a framed print from a variety of sizes and customization options – frame, mat, paper and finish. […]

Waves Crashing At Sunset

Waves Crashing At Sunset

Waves crashing at sunset with two seagulls soaring along the shoreline. This stylized picture is a collage of three photographs and is available on a variety of different items in my galleries at Society 6, Redbubble and Fine Art America. Stop in to discover many great gift giving ideas!

Driftwood At Low Tide

Driftwood At Low Tide

A low tide of the Atlantic Ocean reveals driftwood along the beaches of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, where tourists enjoy an expansive shoreline to walk. Select a print for a wall in your home, or at the office, when you visit my gallery at Fine Art America. Thanks for stopping by!

Seagulls Along The Shore

Seagulls Along The Shore

This black and white photography features seagulls along the shore of Lake Superior, as seen in Michigan’s upper peninsula at Marquette. A favorite spot as a child, you too can enjoy this rocky, island environment – on a wall in your home, or at the office. Stop by my gallery at Fine Art America to […]

Summer Shores of Lake Superior

Summer Shores of Lake Superior

The ever changing shoreline of Lake Superior offers an adventure for those interested in outdoor activities, and is often a beauty to behold. Rocks, some quite large, and driftwood are commonly rearranged over time by rough waters, adding interest to this Upper Peninsula landscape. This wonderful landscape is available on a variety of items, including […]

Upper Peninsula

Upper Peninsula

Enjoy this Upper Peninsula graphic design, featuring a photograph of Lake Superior taken in the northern Michigan city of Marquette, at Presque Isle. A variety of items featuring this photograph are available in my galleries at Redbubble and Society 6. Stop by for a visit, sometime.

Sugarloaf Mountain In Autumn

Sugarloaf Mountain In Autumn

This photograph was taken during early autumn on top of Sugarloaf Mountain, located north of Marquette in Michigan’s upper peninsula. In the distance, Little Presque is situated in Lake Superior close enough to shore so as to provide visitors an easy wade through shallow waters. If you’d be interested in displaying this photograph in your […]

White Caps On Lake Superior

White Caps On Lake Superior

Enjoy this digital landscape painting based on an upper peninsula photograph of Lake Superior, as seen at Little Presque Isle near Marquette, Michigan. Perfect for the home or at the office, guests can visit my gallery at Fine Art America to review a variety of available print types – framed, canvas, metal, wood, acrylic and […]

Geometric Seashore Sunset Gallery Board

Geometric Seashore Sunset Gallery Board

  Professionally printed on watercolor textured 4-ply art boards, this inexpensive gallery board features a sunset collage with textures added. Available in 6″, 8″ or 10″ sizes, it can be conveniently moved around or easily applied to walls with 3M velcro dots (4 supplied per board – please apply and remove with care). Enjoy!

Seagull On The Shoreline

Seagull On The Shoreline

Enjoy this oceanside setting of a seagull viewing the shoreline scenery while perched on top of a fence post. This is a collage using two photographs. In the background is the Pacific Ocean, as photographed from Hermosa Beach, California. Guests can discover a great selection of available prints by visiting my gallery at Fine Art America. Enjoy!

Watching The Ocean

Summertime Ocean Collage

A plethora of terrific gifts and apparel featuring this unique summertime ocean collage can be found in my gallery at Redbubble: Home Decor (throw pillow, duvet cover, mug, travel mug, wall tapestry) Bags (tote bag, studio pouch, drawstring bag) Wall Art (poster, prints – canvas, photographic, gallery board, art, framed, metal) Cases & Skins (phones, laptops, […]