In my considered opinion, its absolutely true – imperfections are perfectly beautiful. Unique characteristics provide interest and greater beauty than that which is otherwise commonplace. Relative to this vintage glass macro photography, it’s the air bubbles, variations in thickness of glass, color and discolorations, pitted surface, etc., which make it especially appealing.

Smile For The Camera

Do you remember when you were young, when technology courted convenience and great strides were being made to produce smaller cameras? Well, except for that rather cumbersome flash apparatus! “Say Cheese” and smile for the camera as you enjoy this flashback from yesteryear – the Kodak Hawkeye Pocket Instamatic Camera.

A Happy Smiling Face

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Don’t worry. Be happy. With that in mind, make sure to put on a happy face when you visit my gallery at Zazzle to discover a wide variety of available gifts & apparel featuring this fun character! For instance…