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Time Traveller
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Time Traveler

On the horizon of an unusual three dimensional desert landscape, a traveller appears through a time portal from a colorful cosmos – a child standing in a glowing light. Typography, radial blur, lens flare and a silhouette add to the effect of this science fiction… Read More

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It’s Full of Stars

There are many words which could be used to describe this design – stars, abstract, kaleidoscope, symmetrical, space, graphic design, colorful, textured, balanced, mirror image, etc., and so on. I just think it’s cool, and hope you will, too. Visit my shops at Society 6… Read More

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Red Green Blue Star

This progression of abstract stars presented in a subdued, grunge-style graphic artwork, had as its origin a free photograph of stacked books from It’s now available in my shops at Tee Public & Redbubble. Samples:

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Moon View

View from a baron moonscape as the sun emanates rings of heat from 93,000,000 miles away. You won’t have to travel to the moon, however, to enjoy this scene. Rather, simply visit my online galleries at Zazzle & Pixels, where you can discover out-of-this-world items!… Read More