Cassette Tape In Pieces

This abstract graphic artwork features an old audio cassette tape shattered into many pieces. It’s available on various products in my shops at Pixels and/or Zazzle – here are a few examples…

Laptop Sleeve
Jigsaw Puzzle
Framed Print – watermark not included

Retro Cassette Tape

For a while, listening to music on 8-track tapes was all the rage. Then came the cassette tape, compact disk, and, most recently, digital downloads. This graphic design looks back to the cassette tape, when a person had to wait to rewind or fast forward before enjoying their favorite songs. It may seem like an inconvenience, but the (then) new capacity of an individual being able to make physical recordings was an exciting prospect, something that wasn’t possible with commercial 8-track tape players. Anyway, that was then – now, this design is available on prints and other merchandise in my gallery at Pixels. Drop by for a visit, sometime!