Falls Branch Falls

Tennessee Waterfall

Located in the Cherokee National Forest near Tellico Plains, Tennessee, along the Cherohala Skyway, Falls Branch Falls stands 70-feet tall and can be enjoyed on a 3.1 mile out and back hike. Stop by my gallery and pick out a nice print for your home or office…

Falls Branch Falls

Enjoy this waterfall on a wall in your home or office, by selecting one of many prints available in my gallery. Framed, canvas, poster…there are many options to browse, including customizations to make it your own. Falls Branch Falls is located in the mountains of the Cherokee National Forest of Tennessee, along the Cherohala Skyway.

Falls Branch Falls

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Located in the Cherokee National Forest near Tellico Plains, Tennessee, along the Cherohala Skyway, Falls Branch Falls stands 70-feet tall and can be enjoyed on a moderately difficult 3.1 mile out and back hike.

Photographing waterfalls, I’m usually the first person on location, leaving home at 5:30 a.m. yesterday to drive 1.5 hours. This also means that I’m the one who knocks down all the spider webs across the trail, haha.

I visited the falls in November 2019 with a friend and her dog, at which time we had the area to ourselves, as did I yesterday. It’s a very peaceful place, and the pleasant sound of falling water echoes through the gorge and forest.

There are restrooms 7 miles from the park, at the Turkey Creek Overlook on the Cherohala Skyway, and a few separate scenic spots with picnic tables.

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Conasauga Falls

Located in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, the picturesque Conasauga Falls can be enjoyed from various viewing areas, dependent upon the volume of water present – filming from this downstream location entailed an arduous climb along steep gorge hillsides…but, it was definitely worth the view! Prints available.

Conasauga Falls

The Golden Reflection of Morning

Sunlight crests over the mountain ridge, streaming to reflect across foliage along the gorge wall, illuminating waters downstream below a smaller cascade. Now, you can enjoy this beautiful scene at home…

Another View of Conasauga Falls

Photographed from the side, this is another view of Conasauga Falls, a 30-foot tall waterfall located in the Cherokee National Forest of Southeastern Tennessee. See prints.

Long View of Conasauga Falls

By carefully moving along steep & muddy hillsides covered in wet-leaves, clutching to anything stationary to prevent from falling, I slowly managed to find my way downstream quite a distance, for this long view of Conasauga Falls. Located near Tellico Plains in the Cherokee Mountains of southern Tennessee. Prints available at Pixels and/or ArtFlakes. Makes a great gift-giving idea, also.

Conasauga Falls

Located in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, the 30-foot tall Conasauga Falls can be enjoyed along a short but steep 1.3 mile out and back hike. The trail is mostly well-groomed, though rocky toward the end, with some stone steps leading to the base of the falls. This photograph is available on prints and more in my gallery, so stop by for a visit when you’re in the neighborhood.

South Tennessee Road Trip

I recently had a chance to visit Conasauga Falls, a picturesque waterfall located in southern Tennessee near Tellico Plains. I’ve added this photograph to my shop at Pixels, where a potpourri of different print types are available – great for the home & office!

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Conasauga Falls

I recently had the opportunity to visit Conasauga Falls, a scenic waterfall located in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. At a distance of 1.3 miles out and back, the trail is rated as moderately difficult with a change in elevation of approx. 400-feet.

The trail has two switchbacks and no level stretches – it’s either all downhill, or uphill on the return. During my visit the creek was full, thereby reducing availability of access to other areas. However, if you wish to proceed downstream along the hillside, there is a minor path but it’s steep and very slippery – use caution!

The 3 mile road to the falls is a combination of paved and gravel, with areas where the pavement has deteriorated, and also deep potholes where the gravel begins. It’s not a major problem, but certainly good advice to drive slowly & steer clear of the hazards.

You can also read about my first visit to Conasauga Falls, last year.

Conasauga Falls

The trail is well kept and easy walking, except toward the bottom where some careful navigation over/around rocks is necessary. Steps finish the trail, leading hikers to the primary viewing area.


Beyond Conasauga Falls and along a muddy embankment, I cautiously found my way to a lower elevation around a slight bend in the creek. I was greeted by the morning sun cresting over the highpoint of the Cherokee National Forest, casting a golden-green reflection from hillside foliage across the shallow water. What a sight!



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Southeast Tennessee Road Trip

The state of Tennessee has many wonderful areas in nature to explore, and I’m usually well-prepared for such adventures – proper clothing and gear, food and water, review of weather conditions, directions, well-rested, etc.. However, it’s not possible to plan for every contingency, as I recently discovered.

Traveling to Farner, Tennessee, my destination was Turtletown Falls. Though the small town lacked clear signage, I happened upon a Postal Carrier who provided me with helpful directions:

Across from the small Post Office, you’ll see an old school that’s closed. Take that road for a few miles until you see a brown sign with an arrow pointing left. Turn there to get to Turtletown Falls.

After turning left, I drove for a mile or two, though was stymied by a one-foot deep stream across the dirt road. In a compact rental vehicle at the time, I wasn’t interested in getting stuck or stalling-out in the middle of nowhere. So, I reluctantly turned around and drove away; alas, no Turtletown Falls.

How About Bald River Falls?

Backtracking, I decided to visit Bald River Falls, a 90-foot falls which feeds into the Tellico River. Along the drive I photographed this interesting covered bridge:

Bald River Falls

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