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Cummins Falls

This scenic waterfall is the 75-foot tall Cummins Falls. Located in the Cummins Falls State Park, near Cookeville, Tennessee, it’s a very popular tourist destination. If you’d like to venture into the gorge to get close to the falls, advanced reservations at a nominal fee are required. Prints available. Great for home or office!

Cummins Falls

Prints available. Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Cookeville, Tennessee, the picturesque Cummins Falls stands 75-feet tall and carries the eighth largest volume of water in the state. Select from several print types to suit your interests. Customization options, also.

Cascades At Twin Falls

Located at the Rock Island State Park, on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, this photograph features picturesque cascades slightly downstream from the 80-foot tall Twin Falls. You can enjoy this scenery all year long if you visit my gallery to select a print. Many options are available & framed prints may be customized to suit your interests.

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In Pursuit of Gravity

Water cascades downward, over rocky terraces, racing to catch gravity. This photograph was taken on top of Bald River Falls, located along the Tellico River in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee. Prints available through ArtFlakes and ArtPal. Thanks for stopping by!

Long View of Cummins Falls

Here’s a distant view of the 75-foot tall Cummins Falls, located on the Cumberland Plateau near Cookeville, Tennessee. It’s one of the most beautiful waterfalls which I’ve visited, one that you might enjoy as a print on a wall in your home. Visit my gallery to learn more.

Cummins Falls

Located near Cookeville, Tennessee, Cummins Falls State Park features a 75-foot waterfall and is a very popular location for visitors from around the state. If you’d be interested in a print, you can visit my shop at Fine Art America to select from a variety of available print types. Thanks!

Black And White Waterfall

This black and white photograph features a terraced rock base below Cummins Falls, located on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. It would make a fine accent for an empty space on a wall in your home, and many print types are available.

Return To Cummins Falls

Located on the Cumberland Plateau along the Blackburn Fork River, near Cookeville, Tennessee, Cummins Falls stands 75-feet tall, representing the eighth largest waterfall (by volume of water) in the state.

Because it’s so popular, the state park has instituted an inexpensive online permitting system, required in advance for all visitors interested in hiking the gorge. The trail to the waterfall is 1.5 miles, and hikers can expect to get wet because, at points, the riverbed is the trail – roughly knee deep.

The area is prone to flash flooding, so children twelve & under must be accompanied by an adult, as well as wear a life jacket while at the falls or swimming. In case of emergency, signs are posted which indicate safe levels during a flood, and there is an evacuation route.

There’s a waterfall overlook (no permit required). Ample parking. Restrooms available. Water shoes recommended. Dogs allowed. Bring your camera to capture an abundance of scenic beauty!


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Big Branch Falls

I recently hiked the Virgin Falls State Natural Area, located on the Cumberland Plateau – near Sparta, Tennessee. Along the trail, I stopped to enjoy Big Branch Falls, a 15-foot tall waterfall featuring a series of small terraces; thus, producing a cascading effect.


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