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Lakeshore Park In Knoxville, TN

I recently visited Lakeshore Park in Knoxville, Tennessee, along the Tennessee River. With 185 acres, there’s plenty of open space to enjoy the many walking paths throughout the park. And, several big hills provide for nice views of the river and the Smoky Mountains in the distance. Here are a few photographs from my visit:

Knot On A Tree

Knot On A Tree

This photograph was taken recently on a hillside in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and features a tree in the foreground with a large knot and fungus. Now, I’ve added this picture to my gallery at Fine Art America, where visitors may discover many different print types available for the home or office.

Winter Birch

Winter Birch

Enjoy this snowy Michigan winter photography of a birch tree in the forest at Nichols Arboretum, in Ann Arbor. If you’d like this picture on a wall in your home or office, then visit my gallery at Fine Art America to select from a variety of available print types.

If A Tree Barks In A Forest

If A Tree Barks In A Forest

Enjoy this black and white close-up capture of bark on a tree. Photographed at Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Visit my gallery at Fine Art America to discover a variety of print types – framed, canvas, art, wood, metal, poster and acrylic. Thanks for stopping by!

Gnarly Roots Tree

Gnarly Roots Tree

Enjoy this black and white photograph taken at Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, Michigan, featuring a tree with gnarly roots positioned aside the Huron River. Check out my gallery at Fine Art America for more.

Tree By The River

Tree By The River

I photographed this tree by the river yesterday, along the Huron River at the Barton Nature Area, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With temperatures in the mid-20’s, it was a quick outing – brrr! I’ve added it to my gallery at Fine Art America, where a variety of quality print types are available to interested parties…

Full Moon Silhouette

Full Moon Silhouette

Last evening, a full moon cast its glow through the blinds of my window and into my living space. So, I grabbed my camera and stepped out on to the balcony to take some photographs. This morning I downloaded the pictures, selected an image and went to work on my computer – this is the […]

Birch Tree Trail

Birch Tree Trail

I walked into the woods one autumn day, beyond the birch tree marking a trail strewn with fallen leaves. And, I took this photograph. Interested parties may visit my galleries at Society 6 and/or Fine Art America to discover a wide variety of items available featuring this scenic imagery.

Snow Covered Pine Tree Gallery Board

Snow Covered Pine Tree Gallery Board

  Decorate your living spaces with this affordable gallery board, featuring a winter snow-covered pine tree on a hill. Easily applied to walls with 3M velcro dots (4 supplied per board – please apply and remove with care). Professionally printed on watercolor textured 4-ply art boards. Individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves. Available in three sizes. […]

Orange Tree At Sea Gallery Board

Tree At Sea Gallery Board

  This unusual orange tree has it’s own tiny island (a.k.a., rock pile) in the middle of the sea. Now, you can enjoy it on dry land – as a gallery board in your home! Available in three different sizes (featured here, small), it’s professionally printed on watercolor textured art stock and individually wrapped in cellophane sleeves. […]

Palm Frond Graphic T-shirt

Palm Frond Graphic T-shirt

  Made in the USA, this graphic t-shirt features a macro view of a green palm frond, stylized from a photograph. Select black or white colors (100% cotton back, sleeves and binding). The front is made of polyester/elastane and the shirt has a slim fit. If that’s not your thing, order a size up. Enjoy!

Bird On A Branch

Bird On A Branch

This digital artwork features my textural rendition of a bird perched on a branch, resting peacefully, and would look great on a wall in your home, classroom or office. Check out my gallery at Fine Art America for more…

Birch Tree In Forest

Birch Tree In Forest

Enjoy this black and white photograph of a birch tree, alongside of a trail leading into the forest at Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, Michigan… Available in these galleries ▸ Pixels, Society 6, Cafepress, Redbubble

South Carolina Spanish Moss

South Carolina Spanish Moss

This stylized photograph of Spanish Moss draped on the branches of a tree was taken on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Decorate the walls in your home or at the office with one of several print-types available in my gallery at Pixels – including framed, canvas, metal, acrylic or posters. Many other items, too. Enjoy!

Music Cassettes Abstract iPad Case

Music Cassettes Graphic iPad Case

  Protect your investment with this creative iPad case, available in both Snap and Skin styles. This abstract graphic design is based on a photograph of music cassette tapes, now stylized to (generally) resemble the structure of a tree – use your imagination. And, enjoy!

Fallen Tree Landscape

Fallen Tree Landscape Print

Visit my gallery at Pixels to enjoy a landscape print (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, poster) featuring limbs of a fallen tree jutting outside of the picture frame. Many options are available to customize this picture to suit your decor concerns, for the walls of your home or at the office.

Sir Real Full Moon Nature T-shirt

Sir Real Full Moon Nature T-shirt

  Enjoy this abstract Sir Real character supporting the Earth – or, combing his hair? Whatever the case, this t-shirt stands out with originality and character. Try it on for size. Many colors to choose from in sizes small through 3X-large.

Sir Real 2 Framed Print

Sir Real Character Framed Print

  Enjoy this framed print featuring an abstract Sir Real character supporting the Earth – or, combing his hair? Many sizes available with different framing options to select. The “fine art america” text is a watermark, only – not on the physical copy.