Cascades At Twin Falls

Located at the Rock Island State Park, on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, this photograph features picturesque cascades slightly downstream from the 80-foot tall Twin Falls. You can enjoy this scenery all year long if you visit my gallery to select a print. Many options are available & framed prints may be customized to suit your interests.

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Cascades At Twin Falls

Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Spencer, Tennessee, the Rock Island State Park is home to Twin Falls, an 80-foot waterfall, which also features scenic cascades – seen here. Prints available.

Cascades At Twin Falls

Water rolls with gravity over terraced cascades down from Twin Falls, an 80-foot tall waterfall located at the Rock Island State Park, on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. From one of the most scenic parks in the state, you can enjoy my beautiful landscape photography on a wall in your home, office, business lobby or cafeteria setting. And, if you hadn’t guessed, it would also make a wonderful gift-giving idea!!! Available here –

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Cascading Water

Water flows over a series of terraced rocks, creating a beautiful cascade at Twin Falls. Located at the Rock Island State Park, in Tennessee, you can enjoy nature at home by purchasing a print from my gallery at Fine Art America. Many varieties are available to suit your interests, as is the option to customize framed prints.

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Cascades At Twin Falls

These cascades are found at Twin Falls – part of the Rock Island State Park – on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. I happen to think that an empty wall in your home or office may be well-served via the acquisition & placement of a framed print featuring this lovely photograph. Just a thought. Visit my gallery for more.

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Return To Twin Falls

Centrally located in the Rock Island State Park, in Tennessee, Twin Falls stand an impressive 80-feet tall and provides easy access for visitors to enjoy.

Flowing into a meandering Caney Fork River below, water from Twin Falls originates from the Collins River, which, subsequent to be dammed, seeps through steep limestone embankments. The result is a series of beautiful waterfalls and cascades along the cliffs. When visiting, you’ll also be able to see several additional small waterfalls tucked away behind foliage along the rock face.

Whether you enjoy the scenery of Twin Falls from your car in the parking lot, or prefer an easy walk along a trail parallel to the river, beauty abounds at this popular tourist destination. Also, there is trail access to the expansive Caney Fork Gorge, featuring more waterfalls and scenic, layered rock walls. More on that another time…


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Harmony And Chaos

Everyone has experienced turbulent situations where it isn’t necessarily easy to maintain composure, to remain calm. That’s not the case here, though: these stacked stones retain balance, despite chaos all around.

Photographs taken at Twin Falls in Rock Island State Park, Tennessee.

Watchful Eye of The Egret

I was hiking along rocks near the water at Twin Falls, in Tennessee, when I spotted this Egret in the distance. Or, perhaps I should say – it spotted me!

These birds, like the Heron, are good fliers, but not so quick to become airborne. As such, they pay close attention to their surroundings, monitoring closely for any incursions within their space which might necessitate flight.

Not wanting to create a disturbance by walking too close, I turned to ascend a 50′ stairway leading away to the parking area. At the top, I saw that the Egret continued to assess my albeit diminished proximity. Even after walking a short distance, and then returning, I remained under the watchful eye of the Egret!

Note: these photographs were taken using a zoom lens, at a distance farther than it appears.

Photographs From Twin Falls, TN

Photographs From Twin Falls, TN

I recently had the opportunity to revisit Twin Falls, at Rock Island State Park in Tennessee, as my previous outing – which also included both Burgess Falls State Park and Rock Island State Park – had exhausted me beyond my capacity to fully appreciate the 80′ waterfalls.

The water source of Twin Falls is the Collins River, which, after merging with the Caney Fork River, is dammed. As a result, the river expanded with greater pressure, subsequently causing water to seep through limestone embankments; hence, the waterfalls emerge through the cliff, rather than over the edge.

Here are some photographs I took –

Following recent rains, the volume of water flowing was significant. If you’re able, I’d recommend hiking down along the rocks in front of Twin Falls to sit and enjoy the scenery. Despite wind and spray generated by falling water, and though the sound may be loud, the views are stunning!

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Video of Twin Falls

Twin Falls At Rock Island State Park

Part Two

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Getting to Twin Falls from the parking area at Caney Fork Gorge is a four mile drive, still within the Rock Island State Park of Tennessee. These falls are not natural – rather, a byproduct of damming the Caney Fork River, and a power house. Interestingly, the water found its way through the limestone; hence, these 80′ waterfalls pour out of the gorge walls, rather than over the edge some 40′ higher.


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Here’s a video of Twin Falls

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