Vintage Metal Carpentry Devices

This close-up photography features four very old metal carpentry devices, used to create a strong edge on wooden planks as part of a support structure. You can add this picture to a wall in your home or place of work by visiting my gallery at Fine Art America – select from several print types, with customization options.

Weathered Windows

This vintage, industrial structure features a variety of weathered windows and repairs. Whether your home or office needs renovation, one of several available print types could serve as an aesthetic addition to your walls. To remedy an instance of empty space, please stop my gallery at Fine Art America…

Through The Woods

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Through a stand of thin pine and birch trees a light glows, reflecting upon the lake where I shall swim. This vintage photograph was taken in Michigan’s upper peninsula, north of Marquette near Little Presque Isle, on Lake Superior. If interested, prints are available in my gallery at Fine Art America.

Vintage Black And White Pillars

This vintage, grunge-style black and white photograph features an empty building with pillars. Photographed in winter at Island Drive park on the Huron River, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Available in my gallery at Fine Art America on a variety of prints (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, wood and art). Enjoy!

Vintage Sign

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

This vintage black and white photograph was taken several years ago in downtown Ann Arbor, near the campus of the University of Michigan. It features an old billboard advertisement for a grocery store which has long since closed…

Vintage Lake Superior

Enjoy this vintage sepia tone photography, featuring a rocky shoreline along Lake Superior in Michigan’s upper peninsula. This picture was taken at Little Presque Isle, located between the small cities of Marquette and Big Bay. Many different print options are available to decorate the walls in your home or office. Please visit my gallery at Fine Art America.

Catch Me If You Can

The race is on, across the field to the woods – “last one is a rotten egg”! Enjoy this nostalgic, vintage sepia tone photography of three children running for the fun of it. Based on a photograph from Unsplash with a Creative Commons Zero license, several modifications were added using Photoshop, including a faded watercolor frame. Prints and more are available in my gallery at Pixels…stop by for a visit!

Sepia Tone Lagoon

Enjoy this sepia tone photograph of a South Carolina lagoon with resident Pelicans resting on a boat dock. Visit my gallery at Pixels for many available print types (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, prints and posters) with several customization options, including: size, frame, mat, paper and finish.

Vintage Hermosa Beach, California

Enjoy this vintage sepia tone photograph of a sandy beach along the Pacific Ocean at the pier in Hermosa Beach, California. Visit my gallery at Pixels to secure a print (framed, canvas, metal, acrylic, poster) as a decorative addition to a wall in your home, or at the office. Many customization options are available to make it your own!

Vintage Miami Beach Print


Enjoy this framed print featuring a stylized vintage photograph of a sailboat anchored at Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, Florida. Texture and a sepia tone color scheme make this decorative piece an attractive addition to any wall in your home or office! Several customization options to select, including: size, framed, mat, paper and finish.

Cumberland Gap Old Mill House

This vintage photograph features an old mill house located in the small Tennessee town of Cumberland Gap, a narrow pass through the Appalachian Mountains made famous by Daniel Boone as a gateway to western frontiers. Available on a variety of print types in my gallery at Pixels. Enjoy!