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Bamboo Layers iPhone Wallet

Bamboo Layers iPhone Wallet

Graphics, Products June 20, 2017


Consisting of layers of bamboo, bent at angles with shadows applied accordingly, this iPhone wallet features an open book style with built in stand and elastic strap closure. It has a 3M adhesive strip designed to stick to your device and an anti-reflector camera hole. With full access to camera, buttons and ports, it’s easy to clean a with damp cloth and can hold a couple of credit cards.

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Industrial Tiles iPhone 7 Case

Industrial Tiles iPhone 7 Case

Products, Structures October 25, 2016


This iPhone case features a textured industrial-tiling design, akin to that which was used on the Space Shuttle. It may not protect your phone were you to venture into outer space, but, here on earth, it is extremely durable (shatterproof). Available to fit several different models in either Snap or Tough style cases. Enjoy!