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Glass Watch Jigsaw Puzzle

This photograph features a puzzle which I was recently working on with family members. Puzzles can be fun and, at times, frustrating – and this rather complicated image certainly provided a challenge!

I created this Glass Watch design several years ago, using modified aspects from photographs of old glass bottles. If you think that you might enjoy this puzzle, it’s available in my Zazzle shop – measuring 11″ x 14″, it contains 252 pieces.

Here’s what it looks like completed:

UPDATE: the puzzle has been solved!

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Sequence of Time

Enjoy your time looking at this modified collection of watches. Beginning with a photograph of chaotic, randomly dispersed timepieces, I used Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo to establish an aesthetic order of vintage, textural metals.

Available in these galleries ▸ Redbubble, Society 6, Fine Art America

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Glass Watch

This graphic artwork of a glass watch has a content of which 90% was designed using manipulated elements from digital photographs of old glass bottles and camera lenses:

Available in these galleries ▸ ZazzleRedbubbleSociety 6, Pixels