Beauty Everywhere

Another Waterfall

During my hike to Margarette Falls, it seemed like every time I turned around I saw another beautiful landscape scene…such as this 10-foot tall waterfall. Granted, access to this view entailed cautious hiking off trail, but the area truly has an abundance of beauty. You too can enjoy this scenery, on a print from my shop. So, stop by and find something you like!

Over The River

Honey Cove Falls

Water rushes downstream in the Middle Prong Little River, with Honey Cove Falls situated behind trees in the background. This morning photograph was taken in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, in the Tremont section.

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Water And Rocks

Prints available. This scenic landscape photography highlights a 10-foot tall waterfall flowing between moss-covered embankments. Photographed along the Margarette Falls Trail in Greeneville, Tennessee.

Water In Dry Creek

Hike To Margarette Falls

Located in the Cherokee National Forest near Greeneville, Tennessee, the mountain trail to Margarette Falls follows Dry Creek and features some wonderful landscape scenery – as seen here. If interested, you can visit my gallery to purchase museum quality prints of all kinds.

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Cascades On Dry Creek

I recently photographed these small cascades on Dry Creek while hiking to Margarette Falls, located in the Cherokee National Forest of the Smoky Mountains, in Greeneville, Tennessee. Many prints are available, so come by sometime and have a look around. Thanks!

Small Waterfalls

On The Rocks

I photographed these two small waterfalls along Dry Creek on my hike to Margarette Falls, in Greeneville, Tennessee. This area had an abundance of natural beauty and I certainly hope to return, again.

Prints are available.

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Secluded Waterfall

Honey Cove Falls

Decorate a blank canvas wall in your home or office with a print of this picturesque secluded waterfall. Photographed in Tennessee while hiking in the Smoky Mountains, you can visit my gallery to discover a plethora of print types available to satisfy your interests – framed, canvas, art, poster, metal, acrylic, wood and tapestry. Enjoy the great outdoors, today!

Natural Beauty

Honey Cove Falls

This photograph features Honey Cove Falls, the terminus of Honey Cove Branch, where it feeds into the larger Middle Prong Little River. Located in the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, I was able to do some creative rock hopping into the river for a closer shot. You can enjoy this picturesque natural scenery in your home or office – discover many print types available.

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Margarette Falls

Beauty In The Forest

Standing 60-feet tall, Margarette Falls is located in Greeneville, Tennessee, and provides visitors with a scenic geological display. This particular shot was photographed after climbing a series of steep terraced ledges. A variety of prints are available to enjoy in my shop online – framed, canvas, art, poster, acrylic, metal, wood and tapestries. Enjoy the great outdoors in your home or office!

Honey Cove Falls

This photograph was taken in the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and features Honey Cove Falls. I suspect that it would look great in a frame on an empty wall in your home – yes? If so, then visit my gallery at Pixels to discover a potpourri of print types available to suit your wishes. Thanks for stopping by!

Down By The River

Water races around rocks in Middle Prong Little River, as morning sunlight filters over the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and into the forest valley of the Tremont section. This photograph is available on prints in my gallery online – so, stop by for a visit sometime!

Dry Creek

Greeneville, Tennessee

One advantage of hiking up a mountain to see a waterfall – in this case, Margarette Falls – is the variety of interesting cascades and small falls along the trail. I photographed this landscape of Dry Creek while visiting the area for the first time, recently, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

Prints available.